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“Students First University”

Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, the founding president of Soka Gakkai published the first volume of Soka Kyoikugaku Taikei (The System of Value-Creating Pedagogy) on November 18, 1930.

“Soka” means value-creation. The core value is life itself.

To strive for good, toward peace; to persevere in the challenges to uphold and protect human dignity; to be undaunted by hardship—the essential ideals of Soka education exist in the effort to nurture such creative humanity.

We have 176 partner institutions in 52 countries and territories (as of February, 2016). The average percentage of students going abroad from Japan is 2% but it is 10% at Soka University. There are students from all around the world studying at Soka University, creating a diverse atmosphere on campus.

The Vision of Soka University

  • Introduction of Founder Daisaku Ikeda
  • President’s Greeting
  • Founding Principles
  • History
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The Grand Design Aiming Toward 50th Anniversary

Aiming toward 50th anniversary in year 2020, Soka University Grand Design is established to accomplish specific strategies to achieve its mission. With the principle of “students first”, we are determined to create new history with the cooperation

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Distinguished Guests From Around the World

There are many guests around the globe who deliver lectures or meet with our students. They are welcomed warmly by our students.

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Thanks to the support of numerous benefactors, Soka University has been able to engage in a substantive scholarship program for international students. The following programs are some of the major scholarships available:

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