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Soka University Undergraduate Non-Degree Program
Admission Guidelines

About the Online Application

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Admission details and application instructions for the Undergraduate Non-Degree Program at Soka University are outlined as follows.


  • Entrance: April or September
  • Duration: 1 or 2 semesters
    • At Soka University, the school year is composed by the spring semester (April 1 – July 31) and the fall semester (September 15 – January 31). It is not possible to enroll in the Undergraduate Non-degree Program for more than two semesters.


  • Admission in April: 40 students
  • Admission in September: 40 students
  • (Depending on the availability of dormitory rooms, the number of students admitted may decrease).


  • Individuals who have or had been enrolled in higher education institutions, such as university, college, or junior college outside of Japan, with one of the language proficiencies below.
    However, those who were enrolled in this program in the previous two years do not have to submit the scores below.
    • ① Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level N5 or above
    • ② TOEFL iBT score 71 or above
    • ③ Native speaker of English Language


  • Non-Degree Program students can enroll in the following undergraduate courses at Soka University:
  • 1) Japanese language subjects: Table I Japan Studies Center course table
  • 2) Undergraduate Program subjects (Japanese-medium): Table II Japanese-medium Courses
    • Students with Japanese proficiency equivalent to or above N2 level of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test are eligible.
  • 3) Undergraduate Program subjects (English-medium): Table II English-medium Courses
    • Students whose native language is English or who have scored 71 or higher on the TOEFL iBT Test are eligible.
  • *Course list
  • http://jsc.soka.ac.jp/en/non_degree_guidance/course_guideline/special_guideline_list.html


  • 20,000JPY
    • - When applying through the Online Application system, please proceed with the Application Fee payment via credit card.
    • - In case you cannot use a credit card, it is possible to make the payment via bank transfer (the taxes will be under the candidate’s responsibility). If you are willing to do the bank transfer, you must contact us through the “Contact Us” page in the Online Application system.


  • Fall enrollment in September: April 20 – May 20
  • Spring enrollment in April: October 20 – November 20
    • *Applications that are not submitted within these periods will not be accepted. Please make plans accordingly.
  • Mail the application to:
    • International Affairs Office
    • Soka University
    • 1-236 Tangi-machi, Hachioji-shi,
    • Tokyo, 192-8577, JAPAN


  • Submission Method: Please complete the Online Application System.
    • *We are not responsible for the loss or damage of the application documents. We recommend using EMS or other registered mail service.

  • Required Documents: Submit the documents listed in the table below.
    • *All of the following documents have to be in Japanese or English. If the original document is in any other languages, attach a translation in Japanese or English.
Soka University Non-Degree Program Application Form
Online application
Letter of recommendation (any format)
The letter is to be written by the applicant’s instructor of the current school or the last school graduated if the applicant is not a student.
Certificate of enrollment or verification of graduation (the original)
If the applicant is currently enrolled in a school, submit the certificate of enrollment. If the school is a secondary school, additionally submit a verification with expected date of graduation that is before enrollment in Soka University.
If the applicant has graduated college or secondary school, please submit verification of graduation and verification of degree.
*Applicants from China must include a photocopy of the diploma. Please include any other documents that can verify application eligibility.
Academic transcript (the original)
Submit the transcript for the current school or the last school graduated if the applicant is not a student.
Medical examination report (form specified)
Application fee payment confirmation
When applying through the Online Application system, proceed with the payment via credit card.
Statement of Financial Eligibility

(form specified)
Attach a bank account balance statement with the form. The balance statement must be of the applicant or of the applicant’s parent. The amount is to be as follows:
  • 750,000 JPY or more if the application is for 1 semester
  • 1,500,000 JPY or more if the application is for 2 semesters
If the account is the parent’s, additionally submit a proof of family relationship.
    Certificate of language proficiency
    • [Document necessary for enrollment in Japanese language courses]
    • Submit either the Certificate of Proficiency for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test or a document issued by the applicant’s school that certifies Japanese language ability.
    • [Document necessary for enrollment in English-medium courses]
    • If the applicant is not a native speaker of English and would like to take English-medium courses, submit your TOEFL iBT Score Report.
Headshot photo
2 copies of headshot photo, measuring 4cm by 3cm


  • Admission result of the application is notified via email approximately a month after submission.


Enrollment for
1 semester
Admission Fee 50,000 JPY
Tuition 250,000 JPY
Health services and insurance fees 8,300 JPY
Enrollment for
2 semesters
Admission Fee 50,000 JPY
Tuition 500,000 JPY
Health services and insurance fees 15,260 JPY

*Health services refer to those provided by the Health Center on campus.

*Insurance fees include insurance for accidents occurred at school during classes or events, and a fixed amount of coverage for liability in Japan.

*Tuition and other fees are to be paid at the time of enrollment procedures.

About the Online Application