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Course Guideline

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Soka University prepares the following two kinds of auxiliary programs for international students.

Preparatory Japanese Language Program

The Preparatory Japanese Language Program was established to provide international students who later wish to pursue undergraduate studies at Soka University with intensive Japanese language training sufficient to understand the university lectures in Japanese.

*There is no entrance exam to apply for the Preparatory Japanese Language Program.

Undergraduate Non-degree Program

  •  Undergraduate Non-degree Program is designed for those international students enrolled in institutions abroad to visit Soka University and take the courses offered here. In principle, therefore, those who have enrollment statuses at higher educational institutions abroad are eligible for application.
  •  Courses Available
    • ①Japanese language courses designed for our exchange students from the partner institutions.
    • ②Regular undergraduate courses, both general and specialized subjects, instructed in Japanese. (Students can take courses with Japanese undergraduate students.)
    • ③Undergraduate courses instructed in English. (Students can take courses conducted in English open for the undergraduate students.)
  •  Students may enroll either in April or September and may choose to stay for 1 or 2 semester(s).
  •  Tuition and Fees:
1 semester 2 semesters
Admission fee 20,000JPY 20,000JPY
Enrollment fee 50,000JPY 50,000JPY
Tuition fee 250,000JPY 500,000JPY
Health expenditure 4,000JPY 8,000JPY
Others (Insurance) Approx. 10,000JPY Approx. 20,000JPY
Total Approx. 334,000JPY Approx. 598,000JPY