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Undergraduate Non-degree Program

Ⅰ About the Undergraduate Non-degree Program

Undergraduate Non-degree Program is designed for students from abroad that wish to take our regular undergraduate courses both within specialized and standardized courses. The program is most appropriate for those international students who are with the following conditions:

  • Are already highly proficient in the Japanese language and wish to take the specialized undergraduate courses offered in Japanese.
  • Are highly proficient in the English language and wish to take the undergraduate courses that are offered in English.
  • Are not completely new to learning Japanese but wish to further improve Japanese proficiency level.

Ⅱ Academic Terms, Units, and Completion

An academic year at Soka University consists of two semesters as indicated below, and students start the program in either April or September:

  • Spring Semester: April 1st to July 31st
  • Fall Semester: September 15th to January 31st

For each semester, course credits will be accredited upon completion of a 15-week coursework and corresponding examinations.

  • Japanese Language Courses: a 90-minute course per week times 15 weeks counts as one credit
  • Lecture/Seminar: a 90-minute course per week times 15 weeks counts as two credits

Certificate of Completion will be given if 7 or more courses per week are taken and 10 or more credits are earned.

Transcripts will be issued as follows:

  • Spring Semester: Early September (following the completion of the spring semester)
  • Fall Semester: Early March (following the completion of the fall semester)

Ⅲ Course Requirements

Japanese Language Course (Table Ⅰ)

Students will be placed in seven classes according to their placement test results: Basics (ES), Pre-Elementary (E0), Post-Elementary (E1), Pre-Intermediate (E2), Intermediate (E3), Post-intermediate (E4), and Advanced-level (E5).

Undergraduate Course in English (Table Ⅱ)

For students from non-English-speaking countries to take electives taught in English, such as JAS (Japan-Asia Studies) courses, TOEFL iBT score of 71 or higher is required.

Undergraduate Course in Japanese (Table Ⅱ)

Students who have been placed in E4 or E5 level classes are allowed to take approved electives among the undergraduate courses.

* Some courses, such as “Japanese Traditional Culture”, are open to all students irrespective of their language proficiencies.

Table of permitted courses
Japanese Language
Proficiency Level
Japanese Language Course
Table Ⅰ
Undergraduate electives (English)
Table Ⅱ
Undergraduate electives (Japanese)
Table Ⅱ
Below N5 ○(ES) Partially available
Below N5 ○(E0) Partially available
N5 equivalent ○(E1) Partially available
N4 equivalent ○(E2) Partially available
N3 equivalent ○(E3) Partially available
N2 equivalent ○(E4)
N1 equivalent ○(E5)

*1: Registration for “Undergraduate Course (English)” is only available to students from English-speaking countries and those that have TOEFL iBT Test scores of 71 and above.

*2: Registration for “Undergraduate Course (Japanese)” is restricted based on your level of Japanese proficiency.

○Admissions Policy can be found here

Soka University Undergraduate Non-degree Program Admissions Policy

*Students may be enrolled for up to four consecutive semesters.

Please note that the program does not offer an academic degree upon completion.

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