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Preparatory Japanese Language Program

Ⅰ About Preparatory Japanese Language Program

Preparatory Japanese Language Program is designed for those international students who wish to pursue undergraduate studies in Soka University. In the program, students will receive intensive Japanese language trainings as well as preparations for the undergraduate entrance examinations.

The program provides a set of intensive Japanese language courses and preliminary curriculums preparing the students for The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students and Soka University’s international entrance examination. Upon succeeding in the exams during the time in the program, the students will be officially admitted to undergraduate degree programs at Soka University.

Undergraduate Non-degree Program

* There is no entrance exam to apply for the Preparatory Japanese Language Program.

Ⅱ Admission and Enrollment Period

  • Admission:April or September
  • Enrollment Period:6 months or 1 year depending on the condition
  • Academic Schedule:Spring→ April 1st through July 31st; Fall→ September 15th through January 31st

Ⅲ Tuition and Housing Fee (for students enrolling in the Preparatory Japanese Language Program)

Tuition and Fees

1 semester Admission Fee 50,000JPY 2 semesters Admission Fee 50,000JPY
Tuition 250,000JPY Tuition 500,000JPY
Health-care Service 4,000JPY Health-care Service 8,000JPY
Accident Insurance 4,300JPY Accident Insurance 7,260JPY
Materials Fee 15,000JPY Materials Fee 30,000JPY
  • *Heath-care Service is for the on-campus Health Center fee.
  • *Accident Insurance includes the fee for the Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research.

Housing Fee

Students living in the dormitory will pay the following fee:

1 semester (6 months) 2 semesters (1 year)
Dormitory for male students 205,000 JPY 360,000 JPY
Dormitory for female students 200,000~219,000JPY 350,000~388,000JPY
  • *This includes the dormitory entrance fee of 50,000 JPY.
  • *Applicants will pay the tuition and housing fees during the enrollment procedures by credit card via Soka University Japan Studies Center website.

Ⅳ Enrollment to the undergraduate program / decision of completion

The completion of the Preparatory Japanese Language Program will be determined based on the attitudes and behavior of students, as well as their attendance records. Those who completed the program will start their admission procedures.

If a student cannot complete the program in the designated time, he/she can extend the program to a maximum of 2 years (student must provide the tuition and housing fee for the extended period).

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