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Application and Enrollment Procedures

Undergraduate Non-Degree Program Admission Guidelines


STEP 1 Prepare Documents

Please check the application guidelines and prepare the necessary documents.

・Soka University Non-degree Program Admissions Guideline


STEP 2 Submit Application

Please complete the forms at the Online Application System and submit your documents via airmail.

After we receive your application, we will provide you the Application Number.

・Online Application System

■Application PeriodSpring: April 20th ~ May 20th
Fall: October 20th ~ November 20th

STEP 3 Document Screening

All the selection process is conducted by document screening, therefore there is no need to come to Japan during the procedure.


STEP 4 Acceptance Notice

Acceptance notice will be sent via e-mail and airmail.

■Acceptance NoticeSpring Application: late June
Fall Application: late December

STEP 5 Admission Procedure

Students will pay the admission fee and tuition, create visa-related documents, submit dormitory application and pay the dormitory fee.

Please follow the instructions that will be sent to you after admission.

・Admission Procedure


STEP 6 Arrival/Dormitory Check-in/Orientation

After arriving in Japan and checking into the dormitory few days prior to enrollment, there will be a pre-enrollment orientation.

The orientation will include life guidance and course guidance, as well as the completion of the city government related paperwork.

■Arrival/Check-inSpring enrollment: late March
Fall enrollment: early September

STEP 7 Enrollment

Please spend a valuable student life with the international students from all over the world.

If you have any problem or concern during your stay, please feel free to contact the International Affairs Office.